Worship through Giving Online

We have decided to migrate over to a new platform for our online giving due to an increase in fees from our current one. Below you will find a button for our current one which is through Generush and our new one which is through Churchtrac. We know how busy life can be and wanted to give everyone ample time to switch your account info over to the new one so you will still have access to Generush till February 28th. After that date Generush will be canceled and we will fully migrate over to Churchtrac. We ask that when you have time to go ahead and create a new account with Churchtrac and set it up through ACH/Checking Giving in order to minimize the amount of processing fees. Whenever a debit or credit card is used it charges a percentage and that adds up at the end of the year. When it's through ACH/Checking it is only .25 cents per transaction no matter the amount. We thank you so much for your patience and generous hearts in giving toward the Kingdom of God! If you have any questions please email Pastor Austin at